Hello & welcome to Life through my Eyes; my Chronic Illness related blog (click here or the link in the top menu for blog posts) & home to the following self-established project webpages:

Regardless of whether you’ve clicked on this page intentionally, or you’ve found yourself here after stumbling across the link during a 2am Facebook stalking session, I hope that the website serves the project’s intended purpose: to provide an insight into life with chronic illness, to recognise the difficulties that life brings each day, and to reward that bravery when goals are achieved and expectations exceeded.

Aside from my blog, this website is home to multiple, self-established nonprofits; ‘Bravery Bottles’ being the main one (& a collective title for the rest, namely ‘Teddies with Trachs, Katie’s Care Kits‘ and Activities for All.


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Bravery Bottles – SECRET ROCKS’

Running out of ideas of things to do in quarantine with (or without!) children?

How about you decorate stones/rocks, make sure that somewhere, you’ve written ‘BB rocks ’ and the following URL:


And hide them outside in public. Any that are found and logged (using the link above) will earn both the hider and the finder a prize, and a chance to get in contact too!

Click the link to log:

  • Stones you’ve decorated (and will be hiding)
  • Stones you’ve found

…and you will be sent a prize!

All the information you need can be accessed here; application forms, fundraisers, events, and/or competitions, posts and announcements (occasionally accompanied by photos) included and more.

In order to help as many people as possible, my personal aim is to take my own advice; step outside of my own comfort zone in order to provide a day-to-day account of the ups, downs, good, bad, honest, vulnerable, and – above all – realistic account into my life personally, as well as speaking on behalf of those living with chronic illness(es) too.

I will stand by my promise of being a contact for anyone, anywhere, at any time, whether to help rationalise frantic thoughts, to pass on first-hand experience (as opposed to piecing together very vague and fragmented information from Dr. Google!), to suggest realistic and sensible steps forward, to be an advocate for the chronically ill, or just to be a shoulder to cry on – something that everyone needs from time to time!

Ultimately, my aim will always fall back to making ‘Life through my Eyes’ the blog that wish I found when first falling ill, and for it to provide the information, advice, guidance, and reassurance to those who need it.

So today, if nothing else, make it your good deed to:
1. Subscribe to my blog
2. ‘Like’ the project’s public Facebook page, and
3. Follow the project’s Instagram page (by clicking here).

Thank you to you all for your ongoing support, and remember that you’re never alone (and so never have to suffer alone).

The quickest way to contact me is via email (braverybottles@hotmail.com), but other methods of reaching me are included on the ‘Contact me’ page.

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