FUNDRAISER – Guess the name of the Zebra


Below are a list of names, one of which is the name belonging to the zebra teddy in the wheelchair below.

The real name of the Zebra is written on a tag, which is placed in the pocket of the zebra’s jacket.

‘NAMES’ cost £3 each, or are 3 for 2 – giving you a ‘free name’ if you purchase 2 names (or more). Each ‘name’ is theoretically a free ticket for the raffle too.

When all the names are sold, the name will be revealed, and the winner will receive a personalised ‘Build-a-Bear’ teddy, as well as an Amazon Alexa ‘Echo Dot’ (see picture below).

The raffle will then be drawn at the same time, and the prizes assigned to each ticket, so will be revealed to the winner at the time, live on camera.

The raffle prizes are:

Cup & Saucer Set, Doorstop, Pillow, Scarf, Small pink TY teddy, toy figures, Medium white TY teddy, Pencil case & pen, Sweets, Passport Cover, Bracelets, Mug, Reverse sequin bag, Socks, Decopatch Set, Hoody, Purse, Keyring, Foil Engraving Kit, Notebook

The possible names of the teddy are listed below;

N.B. (X) = name bought already

  • Arnold (X)
  • Annie (X)
  • Bertie (X)
  • Betty (X)
  • Clive (X)
  • Charlotte (X)
  • Donald (X)
  • Delilah (X)
  • Eddie (X)
  • Ellie (X)
  • Frank (X)
  • Florence (X)
  • George (X)
  • Georgina (X)
  • Harold (X)
  • Harley (X)
  • Isaac (X)
  • Isabel (X)
  • Jimmy (X)
  • Jemima (X)
  • Kevin (X)
  • Kerry (X)
  • Lenny (X)
  • Laura (X)
  • Marley (X)
  • Molly (X)
  • Noah (X)
  • Nina (X)
  • Oscar (X)
  • Olivia (X)
  • Peter (X)
  • Penny (X)
  • Quentin (X)
  • Ronald (X)
  • Rachel (X)
  • Simon (X)
  • Sammy (X)
  • Tommy (X)
  • Tara (X)
  • Una (X)
  • Victor (X)
  • Victoria
  • Wilfred (X)
  • Winnie (X)
  • Xavier (X)
  • Xena (X)
  • Yasmin (X)
  • Yusuf (X)
  • Zack (X)
  • Zoey (X)

TO BUY A NAME/NAMES (and claim your complimentary raffle ticket/s), CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK:

[Once buying a name, you will automatically be entered into the raffle]

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