Due to the break I had from my blog during the past year when I was in and out of hospital, the project has no funds whatsoever. I have multiple events, competitions and activities lined up, but without the interest of the public as well as those who are chronically ill and a participant of ‘Bravery Bottles’, it’s something that I will have to put to an end if the interest is lost as I cannot self fund it forever – something which would be a shame after all of the time and effort put into all aspects of the project.

I am willing to fund it for a few more weeks until the current ‘name the zebra’ & raffle has finished, and will then have to reassess how the funds for the project are going, and how this weighs up to how the project is benefitting people (or not!).

Thank you to everyone who has bought a ‘name’ for the current fundraiser so far. Each ‘guess’ costs £3 (or buy 2, get 1 free – so 3 ‘names’ cost £6). With each ‘name’, you will get a free ticket for the raffle automatically.

To buy a ticket, go to:



  1. I feel so sad reading this.
    I only recently found you and thinking about what you’ve achieved whilst unwell is amazing. I’m in a real struggle and barely get through each day, I’m swimming in sucky mud it seems. I feel I’m loosing my whole self. It’s little finds like u that keep me trying to fight through. I bought some tickets ( names) I wish I could do more.
    Best wishes always xxx sally


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