I can’t believe it’s March and I’m only just getting round to my next life update!

Life has been a rollercoaster these past few months health-wise; physically, mentally and emotionally. ever since I was discharged from the hospital after the Cyclizine ‘wean’.

I thought the actual detox was hard, but the recovery period after discharge has been so much harder; on my mental health especially. My head (at times) has been all over the place and I think that’s a combination of coming off of the Cyclizine, combined with pure exhaustion from the past 7 years that’s only just catching up with me.

However, I’m lucky to be surround by family, carers, and friends, who care so much and have more faith in me than I have in myself, and so has kept me driven. They’ve got me through the bad days and celebrated with me the good, and we’ve all learned to take each day as it comes, and to value each as they pass.

So what’s been happening?

As I mentioned above, life has been hard the past couple of months health-wise, and I’ve been really struggling both physically, but probably more mentally!

The 2 biggest changes are – obviously – that I’m on 3 IV Cyclizine injections per day instead of the 16 I was on before. Having so much less of the medication in my body is probably partly the reason for the changes in my health, but really, the detox is still continuing; the hospital just taught me how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of such.

Loneliness was the biggest problem for a long time, and having to break away from any ‘friendships’ with my carers to bring it back to a professional level within ‘professional boundaries’. When you’re spending 12 hours per day with someone your own age repeatedly for days in a row, it’s almost impossible that you don’t build a bond that it is considered a ‘friendship’, and life would be very dull and very sad if that was the case – I’d be lost without them now.

The other change I returned home to was a change in my care package; from having carers 12 hours per day to 24 (so night carers had been added to my care package). I didn’t know how I’d feel about carers being in my room all night, but it’s for my own safety overnight. It’s something I’ve simply had to ‘get used to’ with the majority of my carers, but one in particular I consider more as a friend, and I look forward to her shifts for a gossip and catch-up a couple of nights a week.

My family have been amazing as always. Everyone, from my parents to my grandparents to my siblings and beyond have been unbelievably understanding, patient and I’m so lucky that they are so supportive, even with my mood and emotions at the moment, I know I can still rely on all of them regardless.

A massive positive since is being able to get out (albeit with a hoist, reclining wheelchair, adapted car, and a carer with me 24/7!), rather than being completely bed-bound. I don’t have the time restrictions I had before (when we were clock watching for my seizures and living and planning each day around them). It’s given me so much more freedom to spend with my family, spend days out with my carers, and meet up with special, valued friends without any limitations.

What’s happening next?

As well as the other projects, I’ve been focusing on helping the homeless recently with care kits, buying lunch, and giving spare change. And this is the first random act of kindness that you can get involved in….

I am collecting as many of the ‘loyalty cards’ and corresponding stickers that come free on the side of the cup of a hot drink purchased from McDonald’s.

You can send the card with just the 1 stucjer, or you can save it until the loyalty card is full – the choice is yours.

This will enable the homeless to receive a free hot drink – something that most people value so much in the freezing weather, and is free for you to do also.

Please send the cards (regardless of the amount of stickers you have on it!) to my PO Box address, found at the bottom of this post or on the ‘contact’ page*.

Each person to participate will receive an ‘activities for all’ charm as a token of thanks.

*if you require me to send you an envelope and stamp, you can let me know by email (

Finally, thank you to everyone who joined in the latest fundraiser and congratulations to the winner. The prizes are on their way to you all!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support through messages, letters, cards & social media. Each and every one is appreciated❤️

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