Below is this year’s annual Easter competition.

The idea is to fill in all of the quiz sheet (or as much as you can of it), and then submit it. In order to raise money for the project, submitting the quiz will cost £2.

The competition is open to anybody, and will close in 2 weeks time (on the 14th April) to ensure I have time to post prizes to that those who have won.

The competition pages, as you can see, are below.


  • Easter-dressed ‘Build-a-bear’
  • Hand-delivered flowers
  • Large Lindtt Easter Egg.
  • Large bag of ‘Spring mix’ sweets.
  • Iridescent rabbit phone case
  • Hanging painted egg decoration
  • Large Lindtt gold bunny
  • Medium Lindtt gold bunny
  • Strip of 5 mini Lindtt bunnies/chicks
  • Rabbit-shaped box of small chocolate eggs
  • White ceramic rabbit
  • Novelty chick bucket with large plastic chocolate-filled egg

All submissions that are 100% correct will automatically win a prize.

• If there are more fully correct quiz submissions than there are prizes, names will be picked out of a hat (or Easter Bonnet!).

• If there are still prizes leftover after all fully correct quizzes have been submitted, the prizes will be allocated by highest score to lowest score.

Once filling it in, you can submit the quiz pages by:

1. Photographing/scannning/completing it digitally (or any other way you wish), then

2. either email it to braverybottles@hotmail.com, send it via a messaging service (Facebook messenger, for example) or by sending a hard copy in the post (address is on the ‘contact me/other’ page).

3. You will receive an invoice shortly after, and your submission will be official once this has been paid.

Thank you everyone for taking part.

Happy Easter to you all, and good luck! 🐣 🍀

1 thought on “EASTER COMPETITION 2020”

  1. Katie ,
    Never got around to completing your Easter challenge , So I have sent some money to help with prizes.
    I hope you have got the line sorted out and you can get out of hospital as soon as possible .
    Thinking about you every day .

    Love Grandad .♥️♥️♥️♥️


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