LIFE UPDATE 7: My newborn niece!

Only last week was I laying in a hospital bed, fighting for my life alongside my care, visitors stopped, in a dark place where I found it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I really felt like I couldn’t bear those conditions much longer and were it not for my family and for the amazing support I got from friends (old and new) when I reached out with how I was feeling, I don’t doubt that I would have discharged myself, with a septic Hickman Line and all the risks that came with it.

This week I’m back home with my family and although I can’t see my mum yet (her not living in Brighton), I’m back home in my own bed, with my loving family, amazing carers, and feeling much better.

The best news is, however, that I have a newborn niece! Harry, my nephew by my eldest sister who I’m sure many of you have seen if you follow my social media, has a baby sister – Ruby Lyla Moore, who was born (all credit to Emily – my sister) on the 21st April (Tuesday) at 13:01, weighing a healthy 7lb 4oz.

She has brought hope and love to us all, and I can’t wait ❤️🌈

1 thought on “LIFE UPDATE 7: My newborn niece!”

  1. How wonderful! Nothing at all in life compares to the wonder of a new born!
    She’s gorgeous! Save up your cuddles for when this virus life is over! Congrats auntie Katie! Xx


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