Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my blog!

I thought I’d start with a short introduction, and use it as a way of showing my ‘normal’ (i.e. ‘non-medical side).

I’m Katie, I’m 23 & I now live in Brighton. My main hobby is my blog (and the associated not-for-profit projects).

You wouldn’t believe it, but I am more than the multiple conditions that I’ve been diagnosed with, my ever-growing list of allergies, and the prescription upon prescription of medication that my body rattles with!

My first blog – ‘Sixteen, Swollen & Spontaneous Anaphylaxis’ – was started around the beginning of 2013; the intention of it being a diary/journal to regularly update everyone on my health. Not only that, but at that time I was still so far from any diagnosis, my blog served as an accurate ‘timeline’ for me to accurately track symptoms, hospital appointments, admissions, treatments, and my general wellbeing overall.

As time went by and with the changes in my health, I started ‘Life through my eyes’; this blog as is for posts on a broader spectrum to illness/disability, and one that I hope will be a lot more open and honest too.

It was during this time also that I set up ‘Bravery Bottles’, and on the back of that success, I also decided to re-introduce ‘Katie’s Care Kits’, and adapting teddies as part of ‘Teddies with Trachs’.

I soon discovered that a single page to combine everything was becoming out of hand and cluttered, so I have created this website as a combination for posts which as a more ‘personal’ blog, for those interested in my health and illness. I hope, in time, to be able to discuss sensitive topics here that I’ve been building up the confidence to write for a fair while.

From a different perspective, I am studying for a degree in Law via Kent Law School, at the University of Kent. Going to University was a given since the first day of Secondary School. I’ve always enjoyed learning, and I stumbled across my passion for Law by mistake, it being my ‘wild card’ when choosing my A Levels.

University and the choice t move away and live on campus was obviously, primarily for the academic aspect of it, but the social side was important to me too, and I took advantage of moving away from home and enjoying the freedom, independence, and experience that went hand-in-hand with University life.

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts on my part and all the safety measures put in place by the University, my health just wasn’t in the state it needed to be in to continue with my studies whilst living independently on campus.

As a side note, had it not been for the understanding, empathy, and thoughtfulness that Kent Law School have kindly demonstrated from the moment I was offered (and accepted) a place in their uni, to the minute I moved back home, I would have given up my degree altogether. Instead, they went above and beyond to give me chance of completing my degree with them via distance learning.

I also have a kitten called Missy (well cat, at 18 months old, but she’s still my baby!). I just love her more than anything in the world (and that’s saying something coming from me; someone who had no passion at all for animals despite growing up around them!). She sleeps in my arms like a baby each night, has tried every treat and has every variety of toy she could ever need, and with 4000+ photos of her on my phone, she’s quite possibly the most spoilt cat in the world!

I am lucky enough to have a the best carers, best friends, and carers who have become friends too – all of whom have become an integral part of my life that I would now be lost without. It is still taking time to accept and admit in my own mind that this is my new ‘norm’ and has rapidly become ‘life as I know it’; a realistic idea of what’s achievable for me, and it being a massive change from my plans originally.

However, I live by the mantra that ‘everything happens for a reason’, and I have so much respect, appreciation, compassion, and inspiration for both my family, my friends, and my carers, who have stuck by me and got me through the worst times.

Above all, however, I am a daughter, granddaughter, sister, auntie & friend (and obviously mum to Missy of course!). I’m so lucky to have the family I do; they have supported me since day 1, been my advocate in fighting for what’s right and what I need (medically), and have the most loving, dedicated parents who have cared for me from the outset; night and day. I would be completely lost without them, and there is no way of showing them (fully) my gratitude and appreciation.

Please feel free to look around my blog and each project, get involved when and how you wish, leave comments and messages, and follow my blog by simply entering your email address in the box provided.

This short, non-medical introduction to me as a person (as intended) has become not-so-short after all, but if you have any questions or would like a more in depth explanation about any aspect of my blog or any of the nonprofits, please don’t hesitate to contact me (methods of doing so are provided on the contact page).

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