Another extra part that’s new to the project is ‘activities for all’.

The idea of this – to summarise – includes running activities, that anyone and everyone can join in with, irrespective of age, gender, location, state of health and whether you’re a member of ‘Bravery Bottles’ or not.

Some of the activities involve raising money, and crossover with the ‘fundraisers’.

Currently, all other projects are on hold so we can concentrate on ‘BRAVERY BOTTLES SECRET ROCKS’

The projects that you can get involved in include the following:

  • McDonald’s loyalty cards for the homeless
  • Stones of Bravery
  • ‘Send a letter’ Project
  • Colour the ‘Quote of the Month’
  • Virtual visits to the vulnerable

Once set up, you’ll be able to pick and choose the activities that you want to join in with, and once your participation form is completed and submitted.

>> If necessary, you’ll be sent the necessary equipment to join in with each individual activity <<

The majority of the activities involve creating something small which – on it’s own – may not seem very helpful at all. However, when put together with the parts from other people & see it as part of the the bigger project (i.e. together with everyone else’s contribution of the same activity – whatever that may be), the final creation will have been made/achieved.

The explanation given with each activity when it is launched will give you a clearer view of the final aim/product that it is hoped will be achieved by the end of it. It is completely understandable that not everyone has the means to contribute financially, and the project will do it’s utmost to fund the activities for everyone who wants to take part – irrespective of the financial situation of each applicant. However, until the project is funded partly by a secondary source/completely by a third party, the supplies for each activity will be distributed in batches.

The batches will be distributed as follows:

– The first batch will be sent to those who have the means to pay (in a single lump sum) the cost of the equipment and the postage.

Second on the list will be those who have partly covered the cost of the equipment & shipping.

– The third (and final) batch are for the people who don’t have the means at all to pay the cost of either the equipment or postage. This batch will be sent out all at the same time when enough funds have been raised/outside donations made to cover the cost of all requests of those on the waiting list.

N.B. All donations are completely optional and just a bonus to help all of those who’d like to be included in the activity but can’t necessarily afford to. It is completely optional and by no means a necessity.

You can join in the following activities currently:-

There are also puzzle and colouring pages below for your free use: