• There are also ‘Bonus Charms‘ that you can earn by nominating yourself or another participant forhereor by clicking the ‘Nomination Form’ at the top of the home page), occasional random draws, challenges or organised competitions. There is space for you to keep track of any other prizes you win on the ‘Reward Log’.
    • The Bonus Charms are:
      • Extraordinary Act of Bravery: coping with a single, major act – regardless of the nature – with extreme bravery and courage that deserves special recognition.
      • Friends– Correspond with another member/s of the project by exchanging post (be it a letter, card, parcel, or anything else you’d like to send), and upload a photo onto the ‘Pen-Pal Project’ page (the letter itself doesn’t need to be readable – a selfie of each of you holding the envelope/parcel or a similar type of photo is enough!).
        • You can either organise your own ‘pen-pal’ within the project, or fill in the form to be assigned one, but both methods involve ‘registering’ on the webpage so that I can keep track of who has been/is currently/would like to be in contact with another member as part of the project.
      • Reaching Milestone 5* – This Bonus Charm speaks for itself and is awarded when you’ve carried out 150 Brave Acts (and would therefore be logging the 5th milestone on the ‘Bravery Bottles progress page’.
      • Guest Blog Post – If you are a registered member of the ‘Bravery Bottles’ project, you can write a post at any time, about anything you want, and send it to me via email ( and I will schedule your post so you know when it’s going to be published.
      • Asset to the project – Being a valued participant and key to the project by making a positive difference in some way; be that by fundraising, consistently being a ‘shoulder to cry on’ for other participants, promoting and adverting the project, getting involved in competitions etc.
      • Ongoing bravery – Dealing with a long-term ‘rough patch’ medically with bravery that deserves recognition.

*Included in your initial kit also will be a ‘punch card’; intended to work in the same way that a loyalty card-type system does. On your 10th milestone (which will mean 300 acts of Bravery, probably taking – on average – about a year), you will receive a special, personalised charm bundle)

Other individual bonus charms may also be included as a reward, or around public holidays etc.

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