At the bottom of the reward log, there is a table that allows you to keep track of your credits (earned, spent, and a running total). These are ‘points’ that are awarded for reaching milestones, bonus charms, competitions, and more, and each individual credit will be sent to you on a small card in the post.

What are they for?

You can use your credits to claim anything on the ‘PRIZES/CREDITS/SHOP’ page.

This page contains a variety of items, all worth different amounts of credits, so, you can save them for as long as you want (the more credits, the better the prize), but not all items are ‘unlimited’ in quantity (the number of each of the prizes is given alongside a photo of the prize), so you can’t rely on ‘saving up’for a particular item.

Saying that, products will be added frequently and in a wide variety, so you can wait until something arises that suits you.