Fundraising on behalf of the project.

Anyone – whether a member of Bravery bottles or not – can hold a ‘Guest fundraiser’, with as much or as little support from the project as you want/need.

I have leaflets, posters & cards that you can request (free of charge) and ahead of your event if you so wish.

Holding an online fundraiser

  1. Inform admin (email or message me by clicking here, or using the details on the ‘contact’ page), with a general idea about your thoughts and plans
  2. You will be assigned and given the contact details of one of a member of the ‘project team’ to help with the organisation of the fundraiser.
    • This will be someone who will be able to help & support you throughout the fundraiser with things like prizes, dates, and advertising the event to get the maximum amount of sales possible.
  3. Decide which ‘type’ of fundraiser you’d like to hold; be it a raffle, a ‘guess the name of …’, ‘guess the amount of …’, or your own idea.
    • Remember that online, a ‘guess the amount of…’ is difficult when not in perspective, so, if you’re thinking of holding a fundraiser of that type, stand next to it a ‘well known size’ object (even something like a ‘Pritt-stick glue!), so there’s a comparison for people to be lead by.
  4. Decide what the prizes will be and create/purchase them, but have a clear idea on how the ‘winners’ will be judged.
    • Make sure you keep a clear record of your outgoings (including the cost of P&P and/or shipping) so that you can be reimbursed by the project once the fundraiser has finished.
  5. Once all the details have been finalised, you can write a post to advertise your fundraiser either with the help of the member of the project team, or sending it to them after.
    • Make sure it includes a description of the fundraiser, how to get involved, the start/end date, the prizes, how to purchase tickets (or equivalent) etc.
  6. Send the final document to me (email me by clicking here, or upload it as a file on the ‘fundraising’ page).
    • I will then paste that post onto the ‘Guest Fundraising’ template, and upload it after a final confirmation from yourself.

You can view the example document here.

Holding a fundraising event

Be it a cake sale, fête, sponsored challenge, or an adrenaline-fuelled event that involves raising money for the project, be sure to:

  1. Talk to Admin to discuss your proposed plans.
  2. Request advertising materials to use during your event.
  3. Write about your fundraiser; when it is, what it is, where it’s being held etc.
  4. Email it or upload it for admin to read, approve, and put in the ‘guest template’, ready to be announced by yourself at a time you decide.

Selling your own hand-made items

If you handmake items – whatever they may be – or if you have a hobby whereby you make sellable items, you can choose for them to be advertised via the project, and sold via the ‘project shop’, with an agreed % of profit being donated to the project.

  • Contact Admin to discuss this possibility and the contribution that the project will receive.

When the fundraiser has finished, all donations received, and you have a final figure of money you made from the fundraiser, you can either send the profit via PayPal (, or by donating it to the project’s funding page (found by clicking here).

If there is a particular part of the project that you’d like to donate the money to (i.e. a particular sub-project), make sure you make that clear.

If you have any other questions or queries, you can email me directly at: 😊

Thank you!💙