Here are instructions on how the project runs for your reference.

If, after reading this page, there’s something that you’re still unsure of, you can leave me a message in the ‘Contact me’ section at the top of the page, or email me ( and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

How does it work?

  1. Upon receiving your BB kit, hang your Bravery Bottle somewhere that you can access it.
  2. Each day that you complete an act that requires Bravery*, place a single bead (provided) into the bottle.

*This is the focus of the project. ‘BRAVERY’ means something different to everyone. What you consider brave may not bother someone else if they were to do it every single day, yet something that they class as ‘brave’, may not be considered by you as ‘brave’ (and vice versa).

Whether it’s stepping outside of your comfort zone, or making an improvement on previous attempts at whatever the act may be; remembering that the opinion of others isn’t important, it’s what’s brave for you that’s important.

3. Place a tick in the box on your Reward Log at the same time, so you don’t lose count of the beads in your bottle.

When you get to 30 acts/beads, you have reached the milestone you were working towards (you’ll know when you’ve reached it also because all of the boxes on your Reward Log for the corresponding milestone will be ticked).

4. At this point, you can fill in the ‘Milestone Form’ (found here or as a tab at the top of the home screen. This lets me know that you’ve reached the milestone, and so will alert me to send you the reward card and charm in the post.

5. Empty your bottle, and repeat the process – working towards the next milestone. THE BEADS ARE INTENDED TO BE EMPTIED AND RE-USED EACH TIME – NOT DISCARDED OF if you don’t have a place for safe storage, you can purchase a bead pot from the shop

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