Intro & need for an admin/leadership team


As you all know, I’ve finally completed the ‘refurbishment’ of my blog, so that ‘Bravery Bottles’ is now on a completely separate webpage to my personal blog – as are the 2 newly introduced hospital care-based projects: ‘Katie’s Care Kits’, and ‘Teddies with Trachs’ (a short summary of both is given later on in this post). ‘Life through my Eyes’ – my personal ‘health update’ blog – is the ‘umbrella’, or ‘central home page’; which navigates you to every aspect of my blog, the other projects, the online shop, donating and more..including competitions & winners, the ‘Participant of the week’, subscribing to posts via email, the newsletter, current fundraiser(s), and any important announcements.

With everything mostly established, It’s made me realise how lost I’d be without Bravery Bottles now. It’s something I’m so proud of and I’ve made so many friends who truly understand what living with a chronic illness is like. The support network is so strong due to the incredible members, and most importantly. I love that the project is benefitting so many people.

It was seeing the appreciation and gratitude from BB that drove to the new hospital care projects – one of which I trialled a few years ago (Katie’s Care Kits), and the other project (Teddies with Trachs) is ‘new’ in the sense that its never been given to anyone publicly, but you can get the gist of the idea by my teddy – ‘Katie – Bear in a Wheelchair’ – which is customised with all the lines/tubes/other medical devices that I have due to my medical conditions.

I clearly underestimated the work that running the whole project completely by myself would require, but it also has coincided with another massive deterioration in my health, including admissions far longer and far more frequent than I anticipated. This delays my plans which means that things I’ve promised to do/send/upload is also delayed, and as a result, I’m letting so many people down because there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get done everything I promised.

Despite this though, and completely separate to the workload issue, I have been thinking for a while now about allocating some aspects of the project to any members of ‘Bravery Bottles’ who wanted a ‘role’. However, I was (and still am!) so worried that I’m forcing it upon you all, and pressurising you into feeling like you HAVE to help by taking on a role. Every member suffers from some form of chronic illness, so inevitably, I know an awful lot of us are very poorly, and I’d absolutely hate to guilt-trip any of you into something you’re not well enough to do.

I’m so hopeful and excited about having the support of a ‘team’, but please only apply if you’d LIKE to. On the contrary, I’m sorry in advance to anyone who applies for a role that they unfortunately don’t get allocated at present; it doesn’t mean you won’t ever be called upon to help or to take on a role should one arise. I am starting off with a small team, as its easier to ask for more applicants, than to take away a role from someone because too many people have been allocated the same/similar role or theres nothing for you to do. However, you’re welcome to message me if you wish to discuss your application/role/reason for not being allocated a responsibility or role.

Having a role within the project carries dedication, loyalty, enthusiasm and responsibility, but if your illness restricts the life you live and, like i used to, you spend each day trying to find some amusement and end up binging on another series on Netflix (!), having a focus in the form of one of having a responsibility for either Bravery Bottles, or for one of the other projects, it really can be a distraction from being unwell, and make you feel much more productive with that sense of achievement. I’d be lying if I said that it isn’t hard work – I spend hours working on the project as a whole every day. I’m building a ‘projects team’ – to spread the workload of the projects by allocating ‘roles’ to those who apply for them, but ultimately to have a team as passionate as I am about the project, which will enable us to organise and run projects on a much larger scale, and on time!

There are a few different roles that you can apply for; all requiring differing amounts of time, responsibility, and commitment. Some roles only require a single person to take it on, whereas there are other roles that need more than just 1 person. If this is the case, it’s left to you to communicate regularly with the other person/people with whom you are sharing the role to ensure that the workload is split equally and projects are organised. If at any point you feel as if this isn’t the case, please don’t hesitate to message me about it, so the problem can be addressed and hopefully resolved asap.

Please note: when applying for a role, the application form asks whether you would be willing to accept a shared role (a role that would require you working with 1 or more other people). If you know that working as a team is not something you’re confident/able/prepared to do, make sure you select ‘NO’ on the form (rather than selecting ‘YES’ thinking you’ll have a better chance of getting the role you’d like – you won’t).

There are roles that only require 1 person, so being honest if it applies for you and selecting ‘no’ doesn’t exclude you from the allocation process altogether. IF you apply for a joint role, you’ll need to be able to work well with the person/people, for your sake, their sake, and the sake of the project.

Obviously being a new concept completely, it’s going to rely on a lot of ‘trial and error’; at the start in particular. When the roles have been allocated, I will make a group chat that will include the whole team, and it will be used for discussing matters that include/affect the whole project, and therefore

that the whole project team should be aware of. If your role is a shared role, you may want to do the same, but that

decision is completely up to you. Obviously I’m always here to help, to provide guidance and/or advice, for asking questions/permission about any part of the role you’ve been given or any aspect of the project that you’re not sure about.


General requirements of the ‘Project Team’


There are a few requirements/expectations of everyone who is allocated any role, which you are inadvertently agreeing to by applying.

They will be summarised at the end, but the details of them are below:

The first is in regards to confidentiality, both in terms of personal information that has needed to be shared with you, but also ‘what happens in the group, stays in the group’. It goes without saying that any information (including personal details, medical conditions, and any other information) is kept within the ‘Project Team’. If there is a dispute within the group, it should stay within the group and be resolved as quickly and suitably with as little fuss as possible, and they need to trust that anything they choose to tell us in confidence will remain that way.

Secondly, every member of the ‘Project Team’ will be added to the ‘Project Team Members’ group, and a group chat to accompany it. (Please note: this group will be created once all roles are appointed, and is separate to the ‘Bravery Bottles Participants’ group (which everyone can still continue to remain a part of, even if you are allocated a role!).

I know how annoyingly frustrating these groups and joint messages can become in terms of notifications going off all of the time. However, I’m hoping that it won’t be ‘all of the time’, and instead just used for anything that needs to be discussed, asked, or overcome as a team.

There will be a prepared ‘Project Team’ booklet, which I will post in the team group at the start when it’s first set up for you to print/download, and will contain the essential information that doesn’t change regularly, as well as pages that you can fill in during the course of the month (members, waiting, birthdays, to do/to buy lists, nominations for charms, budget tracker, milestones, fundraisers/competitions etc.

Then, each month proceeding that, a ‘monthly agenda’ will be posted – a single page, briefly outlining plans and aims for each project to aim to achieve that month (but can also be carried over to next month if not completed) as well as the general administration pages, such as any fundraisers/competitions (and winners), those who are waiting on a charm (milestone or bonus), the ‘Participants of the Week’, colouring competition submissions, scheduled posts (including Guest Posts), and post ideas/plans for yourself, should you take on a role that involves writing them.

The third requirement (which follows on from the previous one), is a ‘weekly summary’ from each person. This sounds a lot more effort than I actually mean; all that’s needed from each person is a short ‘update’ of anything/everything that’s happened in relation to your role and/or project that week, and for the update to be posted in the ‘Project Team’ Facebook group every Friday.

Your update should include anything that you’ve started/in the process of starting/achieved that week, and could include any ideas/plans you’ve had that you’re intending to work on in the future. You won’t (nor be expected to) have made progress in something every week (or even every fortnight), but I will still ask that you post a weekly update, even if it just says that there isn’t any update on your part. However, if you note down anything that happens in relation to the project and your role as you go along each day, you’ll probably discover that you’ve done more than you think!

The weekly summary not only keeps everyone updated and knowing what’s going on across the board, but also highlights what still needs to be done from the currentmonthly agenda’ pack, and what needs to be carried over to the following month.

When I write the newsletter too, it will make it easier for me to access the fortnight/month’s events from each team, especially if it’s already mostly summarised in weekly sections that I can access easily by going to the ‘Project Team’ Facebook group.

The final requirement, if you are applying for and are assigned a role, is that you provide a portrait photo of yourself, along with a short written introduction (which could include things such as where you’re from, what you like doing, your health conditions, etc.). This is for a ‘Meet the Project Team’ page, which will be published and displayed on all project webpages, and will include your name, the photo you supplied, your role (and the project it relates to), and your written introduction about yourself; you are consenting to that information being displayed online indirectly by aubmitting an application.


Insight into the new ‘Hospital Care Projects’


Some of the roles include working on the new projects (Katie’s Care Kits’ and ‘Teddies with Trachs). Being added so recently, I have written a small paragraph on each of them which is a bit more personal than the information on the project’s webpage, so you’ll hopefully get more of an idea of what I was thinking and aiming for when I decided to take on the 2 projects, which in turn will hopefully help you in understanding a bit more about the roles that accompany them.


Katie’s Care Kits’: Having trialled a similar ‘Care Kit’ project a few years ago when I was an inpatient myself (during one of my longer admissions of around 3 months), my intention was always to restart this project as and when I could. The ‘Care Kits’ initially contained a whole variety of items, from washing and hygiene products, to puzzle books, fluffy socks, snacks and more. Being an inpatient myself at the time, I was able to distribute them by hand and explain to the patients what the project was for/about, and seeing how much they were genuinely appreciated by every patient was so rewarding. Over the course of that admission, 3 batches of 30 kits were prepared, made, and given out (meaning I was there long enough to give approx. 90 patients a kit), and so when I decided that the website needed to be redesigned and updated I decided that it was the right time to open the projects again. Since that first trial, I have trialled another batch of patient kits (as described above

), and have also added nurse kits to the project, containing a sachet of coffee, a tea bag & herbal tea bag, along with a pack of biscuits. Since ‘starting’ this project, my health has deteriorated dramatically so unfortunately won’t be able to visit the wards in person, but post them instead.


‘Teddies with Trachs’ I’ve had my tracheostomy for quite a while now (since 2014), and the prospect of the operation and need for a trachy was scary to say the least not only for me, but for my family too. At the time, Anaphylaxis was my “only” symptom, meaning that between reactions I was fairly “well”, and it was at those times that I questioned the need for such an operation; something that would have a huge impact on my life and the lives of those closest to me. In hindsight, it’s definitely one of those ‘why didn’t I have it done when it was first suggested to me’ kind of situation, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, and considering how many times it’s literally saved my life, I couldn’t be (nor would I want to be) without it. I was ‘lucky’ that I didn’t become seriously unwell until the age of 16, and didn’t need a trachy until I was 18 (and still then I didn’t really know what it was, how it worked or what it would look like), so can only imagine how terrifying it must be for the children who are going through the same process.It was only when when customising ‘Katie – mBear in a Wheelchair’ on a whim one day, that I realised how much I’d have loved to have had a bear ‘like me’ at the time of getting my tracheostomy, hence the starting up of this project. I hope that the teddies provide reassurance, act as a learning material, give them a sense of pride rather than being embarrassed, but most importantly, to provide comfort in the form of a ‘friend’ that has the same

Lmedical adaption as they do, and a keepsake that in years to come, is a reminder of their bravery.


About the Application Process (& Form)


Until the Project Team has been chosen and put in place, I won’t know exactly what thedemand for help will be, and until then, the number of roles (and similarly, the number of people per role)it’ll take to meet that demand for help can only be predicted. For this reason, I’ve decided that the best way forward is to underestimate the help that might be needed (with intention to expand it over the next few weeks when the gaps in the system become clearer), rather than overestimate it, as it’s far easier to allocate roles when we need more help, as opposed to taking roles away from those who have only recently allocated them because we have too much help.

As previously mentioned, at the beginning when the team is first established, it will be a case of trial and error. As well as the physical ‘handing over’ of the role responsibilities, there’s also the physical element of allowing others access to the appropriate admin and documents. If, however, there’s a particular part of the project, whether that be now, when the team is put together, or later in the future, there’s a feedback form on the BB website.

If the opposite happens and there are more roles than applicants (or no applicants at all!), the positions and duties will be discussed and changed, but regardless of the application process, I’ll do my best to keep the project continuing to run as normally as possible, with as little disruption to the other members as possible.

On the application form, as mentioned above, you will be asked if you think you can work as a team. Whether you tick yes or no, you will not be at an advantage or disadvantage in either event.

You will also be asked if you wish to be listed as a ‘reserve’. This means that if you aren’t delegated a role you applied for (or you just don’t want to take on a permanent role), you will be listed as someone who can be called upon at any time if extra support is needed.

This is separate to the ‘Project Team waiting list’. Again, this only applies if you aren’t given a role despite applying for one. If there is a ‘gap’ in the team that needs to be filled, either by a new role or adding more members to an existing role, or if an existing member of the Project Team wishes to give up their position permanently for any reason (for example that they’re too unwell*, doesn’t have enough time, they decide that the role isn’t suited to them, or they wish to withdraw from the project altogether etc), those on the waiting list will be the first to be approached and offered their role.

*I understand completely that in a project set up for the chronically ill, everyone has an illness of some description. In the group, a lot of people are (and unfortunately will continue to be) very unwel l, go through debilitating flares; many leading to unplanned admissions to hospitals. Please don’t let your illness put you off of applying if it’s something you’d like to do. That’s the reason for the ‘reserves’; so that there will always be someone to temporarily cover your role, when you are too unwell to do so yourself.




This section will provide an in-depth description of each role and what is expected of that role, so please read it before applying so you understand the responsibilities included.

My role


Firstly I want to give you an overview on what I will be doing, the focus being especially on ‘Life through my Eyes’, which – as well as my blog – will be the central navigation page to everything else.

My intentions are:

More frequent updates (hopefully daily) via 3 different Instagram accounts, automatically sent through to a display widget on the home page of my blog.

A weekly update, combined of the Instagram photos above.

A monthly newsletter – drawing together and summarising the past month, as well as any announcements regarding events doe the upcoming month. It will also mention: participants who have reached a milestone, anyone who has earned/been nominated for a bonus charm, the amount raised in any fundraisers, winners of any competitions/events including the ‘colour the quote of the month’ winners. It will also feature a summary of the other projects. those who have reached a milestone, earned a bonus charm, and the 4 ‘participants of the week.

• Sorting social media accounts so that my blog posts can be posted on Facebook separately to Bravery Bottles.

Not much else will change on my part, except I might actually have time to write letters to you all,

and publish my own posts, and hold more online group activities, and send out the things I say within a few days rather than a few months and be able to send out BB kits to new members as soon as they join! With less to do but the standard of the project still remaining, I hope I can use the extra time to just do a better job than I am currently at bringing the chronic illness community together and raising money for other charities as well as ‘Bravery Bottles’ too

General requirements/expectations of all roles


As explained in depth earlier in this post, the following list are the things that all roles must agree to (so please make sure you read them and actually do agree to them before applying!):






Alternatives to having a formal ‘role’


I’m starting backwards as neither of the following positions; ‘reserves’ or ‘awaiting a role’, require ‘applying’ for, as such, but instead will appear as ‘tick boxes’ on the form, for you to decide if you want to be put on both lists, one of the lists, or if you don’t want to be put on either list.

‘Reserves’ are on hand to give widespread cover, and are quick to respond and take on the duties of the person who needs someone to cover their role temporarily.

> Those who are ‘awaiting a role’ because they weren’t allocated one on this occasion would still like a permanent role and will be the first to be offered should one arise; either because more roles are needed because more help is needed, or because someone wants to give up their current position.

Tasks (by project)


All of the roles will be listed together at the end of the list of tasks for each project.


My blog/central project ‘home’ page:

Life through my Eyes

At this point in time, I’m not going to ask others for any extra help with my blog. I hope not to have any unplanned or non-anticipated hospital admissions, so will hopefully be able to get on top of everything and begin ‘blogging’ properly.


Bravery Bottles

Being the biggest and most important project, and the origin of the amazing community we’ve made it in less than 9 months, means that there are lots to be done (and lots of help needed – which, by distributing some of it, I think will actually help to make the project a lot more successful. It’s impossible to go into the amount of detail here as I need to with those who apply and are allocated a high-responsibility/time-consuming role, so will need to communicate closely with myself.

Here are some examples of things I currently do, or intend to do in the future for the project, some of which are new concepts completely.

– Keeping track of all charms (nominated or otherwise), credits, ‘participant of the week’ awards, competition/fundraising prizes, replacement items required, milestones reached (form on B.B. website for participants to fill out themselves).

ALL awards earned, prizes won, replacements needed, etc. from now on will be kept track of, and ALL sent out in a single batch, once per month.

– Prepare each bonus charm earned with the award card, credits, charm, and written nomination (if earned that way) ready for sending. above with award card, credits, and charm (and ribbon for milestones).

– Prepare each milestone award (from the milestone form) with award card, number charm, credits, and ribbon, remembering that the participant will also have earned the ‘100 Acts of Bravery’ bonus charm when they submit the form for milestone 4.

– Announce the winners & buy/prepare any prizes for competition/fundraiser winners and/or runners up that month.

– Deciding on the POW, and then preparing the small teddy bear, award card, and credits for the month’s ‘Participant of the week’ (even though POW will be announced on a weekly basis, the award will still be sent out monthly; so 4 at a time).

– Prepare any replacement items requested via the form on the B.B. website by participants to be sent with the other post.

– Sending the project postcard and birthday charm at the start of each month, for all participants with birthdays during that month.

– Keeping an eye on the number of new applicants; closing the application form when 10 people have been accepted but are yet to be sent their B.B. kit.

– Publishing the number of people waiting on the B.B. website, and emailing them the form when there becomes availability within the project.

– Making sure that all participants in the Facebook.

– Being ‘ADMIN’ for the Participant’s Facebook Group, which includes giving updates & announcements, which should then also be posted in the ‘ANNOUNCEMENTS etc’ section on the website.

– Ensuring all members are supported, being there for participants who are feeling particularly low or in need of a ‘shoulder to cry on’ when needed, and equally congratulate members for the positive things they’ve achieved.

– Replying to all messages/emails from parties cipants who are unsure about something/have a comment, question or query.

– Acting on feedback left on the ‘feedback form’ in the appropriate manner.

– Organise competitions/fundraisers & activities for the public/BB members/both (such as the ‘Send a Letter’ Project, which I have delayed by a month, so will begin on the 1st August)

– Taking orders from the Etsy Shop, and making the item to send out ASAP.

– Keeping the public ‘Bravery Bottles’ Facebook PAGE updated, for the members of the public who follow it.

– Keeping track of stock, and ordering items when needed.

– Emailing appropriate companies to let them know about the project, and asking if they are willing to donate funds/products.

– Keeping track of the project’s funds and stick to the budget by tracking the money in and money out.

– Updating the number of credits for each participant when more are awarded/‘spent’ (talking of which, more info will be coming soon!).

– Aim for a Guest Post to be published each Monday.

– BB Admins (2) and Moderator (1), each expected to write one post per month for each week of the month (= 3 weeks). The post for the remaining week of the month will be replaced by a link to the newsletter.

– Publishing a ‘Newsletter’ summarising each project’s progress that month, including listing milestone/bonus charm/POWs/and any other winners (from fundraisers etc).

– Sending a hard copy of the newsletter to those who have ‘subscribed’.


Katie’s Care Kits

The tasks for both this project and the next are quite similar, and require much less time than those for ‘Bravery Bottles’, so if you’d prefer a less pressure-driven role, it’ll be best to opt for ones assosciated with this project, or with ‘Teddies with Trachs’.

– Contacting hospitals/hospices/care homes/nursing homes about the project via email/phone to see if they’d like to be sent some kits.

– Keeping on top of nominations for hospitals etc.

– Choosing and ordering supplies (the contents can differ, they don’t have to be exactly same as mine!)

– Make the tags to go on the Care Kits (I have a

‘Template’ which I will share with you, but they will need to be printed/mounted on card & decorated.

– At the moment there are kits for patients and nurses, but I’d like to have a more ‘special’/‘luxury’ kit, that people can buy for individual family members/friends who are in hospital. Come up with ideas & write post about purchasing individual kits?

– Following up the hospitals/hospices that received a batch to see if they’d like to have a delivery of some per month/3 months etc.


Teddies with Trachs

As I said above, this project, along with Katie’s Care Kits, are less intense then Bravery Bottles, and the tasks are similar.

I have a donation of tracheostomy tubes, but am yet to find teddy bears that are large enough for them (they need to be roughly ‘Build a Bear’ sized).

– Finding a place to purchase soft toys that are within the budget.

– Encouraging people to donate soft toys.

– Contacting places such as ‘build a bear’, or other children’s shops (‘The Entertainer’, ‘Toys R Us’) to see if they are willing to donate any teddies to the project.

– Emailing children’s hospitals/hospices to see if they would be happy to accept a batch of ‘trached teddies’.

– Following up the places they’ve been sent to, to see if they’d like more and if so, how often.

Along with the teddies, I have also written a ‘short story’ to go with them, which you will have access to.

– Explore option of having it printed professionally into a children’s book/leaflet etc. OR Emailing VistaPrint (or alternative) for discount/free?

– Design labels to go on the teddies

– Print/amount onto card & Decorate

– Taking orders for individual teddies & personalisation wanted etc.

Roles (by project)


Everyone who is allocated a role will also be allocated an e-mail address & password which they can use to access the relevant project webpage.

Any documents/photos that are for the sake of the project must be posted in the ‘Project Team’ Facebook Group (made once roles are allocated), and whilst the application process is going on, I will take the time to ‘de-clutter’ or create social media accounts as necessary.

Anything that you spend for the purpose of the project, regardless of what it is, will be reimbursed to you WITH A RECEIPT, or if planned, will be given the money prior to spending it.

No member is expected to pay for anything with their own money.


Bravery Bottles – 2 Admins (1 of which being me!), 2Moderators, 1 International co-ordinator, 3 ‘Listening Ears’

ADMIN 1 – Me!

ADMIN 2: will work closely with me to run the project, and essentially do whatever needs doing!

If you’re allocated this role, you’ll have to be in close communication with me (preferably viaText/WhatsApp/iMessage), to know what each other have done, what jobs needs doing and who will do them, and anything you’re currently working on so it doesn’t get redone.

As the project develops, we will be starting to write to small journalism companies who publish local newspapers etc. about the project, as the more people made aware of the project and who the project could potentially help, the better.

This is the biggest role open to application currently, even though it doesn’t seem it in writing, but this role will require a lot of time, motivation, and energy, to keep the project on track.

Ideally, you will be prepared to write 1 post per month to be published on the website.

You will also be overseeing ‘Teddies with trachs’, whilst I oversee ‘Katie’s care kits’.

MENTORS: Helping others with aspects of Bravery Bottles that they are are struggling to understand/doing wrong/cannot do themselves. Depending on how many people apply for a mentor will determine how many ‘mentees’ you have (but it’ll be between 1 & 5, and will depend on your preferences too).

MODERATORS: At the moment, the project has no saved funds whatsoever (in fact its at -£70!). The project needs someone who is confident enough to contact a range of companies via email, phone, post or visiting them, telling them about the project, and trying as much as you can for sponsorship/money donation/grants/product donations etc.

Also, if myself or Admin 2 are too unwell/in hospital to temporarily keep up with our roles, you will step up to admin, and a member of the ‘Reserves List’ will cover your responsibilities (as it’s easier for you to tell them what you’re working on, at what stage you’re at, & what you need them to do.

Lastly, again, ideally you’ll be able to commit to writing a post per month for the BB website.

INTERNATIONAL CO-ORDINATOR: This role – which is open to the participants who are not in the UK (which is about 50% of members!). The reason for this, is that one of the project’s needs is cost-saving through postage, so the person who takes on this role, ideally, would be willing to accept 1 parcel per month (sent by me, and containing ALL post for those internationally) and posting it using the mail service in the country of the person who is allocated this responsibility.

Contacting companies is another major demand for the project – and contacting companies overseas for donations (in whatever form) will broaden the scope of what will benefit our members.

Finally, this role would include ‘taking over’ the project – especially to deal with any ‘emergencies’ when it is night time in the UK (thank goodness for time zones!). This would mean resolving any issues using your decision making skills and by judging it based on what you think is the correct thing to do.

LISTENING EARS: Are on hand a lot of the time to offer support to other participants who are struggling, having a bad day/night, can’t sleep, feeling lonely and isolated, and just generally want someone to talk to. Obviously, being a team, you won’t expected to be there to answer messages or reply to comments immediately all the time, but a small group of 4 people to offer a ‘listening ear’ is sometimes all is needed; any advice/problem solving you can help them with is a bonus, but more than anything, I think a lot of people will be reassured to know the people who have this role are on hand to help when they can.

As of yet we’ve been so lucky with the kind nature of the participants that no major incidents have happened yet, but should there be a dispute, it’ll be up to the 4 of you (with the support and guidance of the rest of us) as to the best way to solve it.


Katie’s Care Kits – 2 ‘Project Co-ordinators’

PROJECT CO-ORDINATORS: For the time being, I have limited the roles to 2 ‘Project Co-ordinators’, with my support. I expect more help to be needed, but not knowing how much help, or the nature of help required, I’d rather add roles to the project than take roles away.

It will be me, Admin 1, overseeing this project.


‘Teddies with Trachs’ – 2 ‘Project Co-ordinators’

PROJECT CO-ORDINATORS: The same applies for this project as it does for ‘Katie’s Care Kits’; Until the Team is chosen and gets to work, the amount of support needed will remain unknown. I’ve only put up for these 2 available roles, and will be led by the project co-ordinators as to how much more help you need with the project.

Admin 2 will be the person to oversee this project.


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