Bravery Bottles – SECRET ROCKS’

Running out of ideas of things to do in quarantine with (or without!) children?

How about you decorate stones/rocks, make sure that somewhere, you’ve written ‘BB rocks’ and the following URL:

And hide them outside in public. Any that are found and logged (using the link above) will earn both the hider and the finder a prize, and a chance to get in contact too!

Click the link to log:

  • Stones you’ve decorated (and will be hiding)
  • Stones you’ve found 

…and you will be sent a prize!


🎅🏼”Merry Christmas to you all!”🎅🏼

Below are just a few photos of the lovely few days I’ve had celebrating Christmas.

I think I’ll sleep for the next week, but being the first Christmas at home (as opposed to hospital), it’s been so worth it.

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards & gifts..I’ve been well and truly spoilt.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the festive period as much as I have🎅🏼❤️